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I often hear even today that style is superficial and that it’s for narcissistic people. That women who dress well are “showing off”. There is such a “competition” between women and lack of caring. It’s crazy, it’s something I’ve never understood, there’s nothing wrong with dressing well. But from my own experiences, people who think this are either:

  1. Not comfortable in their own skin. They can’t stand to see someone looking good without those sneakers.
  2. Really don’t care because they don’t have the time and it’s not a priority for them. And that’s ok. Just a shame because they are missing out.
  3. Are part of the people who have old-fashioned preconceptions like: “A well-dressed woman can’t be smart” or “to be taken seriously, I mustn’t be too feminine”. And deprive themselves of what they would like for fear of what others will think.
  4. They are afraid. Of what? Fear because no one has taught them how to look their best, fear of trying and making mistakes, fear that people will laugh at them…

Do you recognize yourself in any of these categories? If you are on my blog, I think you love style and want to learn how to dress well! And you are right! It is so important. And today, I’m going to tell you why it’s important:


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