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Well in your body well in your head

We know that taking care of ourselves allows us to feel better. It is an act of self-love and it is not narcissistic. It’s like taking a shower! I am convinced that when you take care of yourself, you are happier and that this is felt in your relationships, in your work and in other areas. You are a wonderful creature! Look good, feel good and be proud of yourself! Life is too short to be out of step with the image you portray! This does not mean to make you a fashion plate, no, no! You don’t have to transform yourself into someone you are not… I’m all about enhancing your natural self and making the most of what you already have.


To gain personal confidence

Being comfortable with your image and not being ashamed of it is super important for everyday life. Have you ever noticed that the way you dress influences your day? I remember one time I wore something that was all wrinkled. I didn’t have time to do any ironing that morning. I was focused on that, I didn’t listen to the people I was talking to because I thought “sure they saw that my dress wasn’t ironed, that’s not very professional…” While people don’t care. But for me, it kind of ruined my day and I promised myself to always be “proud” of what I send back! I’m sure this has happened to you too! We’ve all been there.

Being well dressed, will allow you to be more confident in the long run and to gain confidence in your abilities. This will influence your decisions, your relationships, your professional future and also the way people treat you… Unfortunately, yes. Because obviously, people make up their minds about you in a matter of seconds. You haven’t even had the time to say a word to them. That’s the way human beings are.

To have fun!

Style is a wonderful creative tool! Personally, I’m not for trends and imposing the same style on everyone. I’m all for creativity! And that’s what style allows me to do. I don’t have a crazy or original style… But I have so much fun playing with materials, cuts and colors! Clothes allow me to express my creativity and the mood I’m in. I know that if I’m not feeling well, I dress in color because it affects my mood. I also like the fact that it is a way to show my personality.